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opening times

Mo. to Fr. 9.00 bis 18.00 Clock

Sat. 9.00 bis 12.00 Clock

Of course you can also come with us (45 01877 Bischofswerda Stadtrandsiedlung). However, we would appreciate a previous tel. Appointment under 03594/7851118 (or by mail), because we are not constantly present, as in a shop.

01877 Bischofswerda Stadtrandsiedlung 45

Tel .: 03594/7851118

Fax: 03594/7851116


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01.Eros Pista, Strong Steffan Gl 200g
02.Oberlausitzer Urgestein, herbal 0.7l 32% vol
03.Nature letcho glass 670g of GLOBUS
04.Sweet paprika powder 100g
05.Egri Bikavér Bull's Blood dry 0,75 l
06.Goulash Cream delicate 200g
07."Édes Anna", delicate paprika cream 190g
08.Hot paprika powder 100g bell pepper filled with cabbage, in a jar 650g
10.Spice goulash, not sharp 80g
11.BB Merlot sweet 0,75 l
12.Oberlausitzer Urgestein, herbal 0.35l gift set 32% vol 32%
13.Oberlausitzer Urgestein, herbal 0.35l 32% vol
14.Paprika cream "Red Gold" delicate glass 200g
15.Boglar Muskotály sweet 0.75l
16.Boglar Muskotály cuvée semisweet 0,75 l
17.Goulash Cream hot 200g
18.Garlic cream 190g glass
19.Lusatian Bitter 0.7 l 35% vol
20.Paprika cream "Red Gold" hot glass 200g

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Paprika cream "Red Gold" hot glass 200g
Paprika cream "Red Gold" hot glass 200g

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1,35 EUR / 100g
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